• Артур Белоус


    When the online dating site first became a Piston Cup sponsor, they wanted a car living up to it's image. Jimmy Cables was not just the #1 pick, but the #00 pick! He has tons of experience with dating girls on Intersection, nearly got married twice, and only dated 5 fat basement hobos with deceiving profile pics! It's not the best image to have on the track, but he still does great, constantly right in the shadows of Lightning, Cal, Bobby, and Brick. After being "Flip Dover" for another Intersection user who happened to be a next-gen, he didn't really mind, and just kept doing his own Intersection happily ever after.


    Jack was originally a mailman who called his job the "DePostal Service", but he always did it quickly,…

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  • Egorka 2003

    Cars:Egor's Mod

    October 21, 2017 by Egorka 2003

    Cars Egor's mod - this is a new mod for Cars Mater-National


    Russian version:

    English Verson:




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  • Superbaddy4

    Cars Game Items/Weapons

    September 26, 2017 by Superbaddy4

    This is a list of items/weapons for supposedly a Cars fangame or something else. It should be known that many ideas were taken from either the existing Cars games, Mario Kart (as a series), My Sims Racing, or Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. It shows what the item does, the positions you can find it in (applying to a standard 12-racer race), and how common or rare it is to obtain. I believe Theshocker1 may be able to make use of this in his fangame project he made a blog about. The list is not finished, so stay tuned!

    "The most basic and cheap item there is. You just drop a little oil and if a car drives into it, they spin out, hardly painful. You can throw it forwards, and you can also just hold on to it, the machine that drops it can actually…

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  • Yoshiman716

    This is getting really depressing. I don't want anyone to leave. Why can't we all just get on? I came here to get away from arguing, but it's getting just as bad if not worse.

    Paynecars - Superbaddy4 did NOT mean anything by his latest meme. It's just a joke, he's not trying to hurt you in any way. And I was a fangirl swooning over him in it, and I'm not acting like this. Also, YOU'RE NOT A BAD GUY. YOU DON'T HAVE TO QUIT. WE DON'T WANT YOU TO LEAVE.

    TheWinnerGuyCJP - You haven't caused anything, it's our fault for arguing over trivial things. You only tried to help. Please don't quit.

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  • Theshocker1

    Here is a simplified version without tables:

    Here is the progress for Cars 2 Overdrive.

    For the Non-Cars characters there will be two versions: character with car, character without car.

    No Star: Cars 2 VG; *:Cars 2 DLC; **Cars 3 DTW; ***Disney Infinity, ****NPC, *****Custom

    • Cars 3 Lightning**
    • Fabulous Lightning McQueen**
    • WGP McQueen
    • RS Team McQueen*****
    • Carbon Fiber McQueen
    • Radiator Lightning
    • Infinity Lightning***
    • Crystal Infinity Lightning***
    • Daredevil Lightning*
    • Dragon McQueen*
    • Lightyear Lightning*
    • Ice Racer McQueen*****
    • Mater
    • Materhosen
    • Mater Ivan*
    • Kabuki Mater*
    • Mater the Greater*/**
    • Tokyo Mater*
    • Infinity Mater***
    • Sally**
    • Fabulous Hudson Hornet**/****
    • Normal Ramone*
    • Blue Ramone**
    • Infinity Ramone***
    • Flo*
    • Infinity Flo***
    • Luigi
    • Lightning Fan Luigi
    • Infinity Luigi***
    • Guido …

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  • Theshocker1

    User:Teancum is currently taking a break with the Cars 2 Overdrive mod and could use your help. We need modders who can:

    • Add more characters instead of replacing current ones by being able to add new entries and have no crashing. Look below at Teancum's comment for more info.
    • Port HD textures from Xbox 360/PS3 versions.
    • Make unplayable characters playable.
    • Port DLC characters from Xbox 360/PS3 versions.
    • Port characters and races from Cars 3: Driven to Win.
    • Port characters and races from Disney Infinity 1.0/2.0/3.0/Gold Editions.
    • Be able to port the Cars Playset from Disney Infinity. (If lucky, other playsets can be added)
    • Be able to port Toybox mode from Disney Infinity.
    • Be able to port special events like Custom Cup, Thomasville Playground, Thomas…
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  • Theshocker1

    Here are my ideas for Cars 2 Overdrive with Disney Infinity Content:

    There was an entire playset from Disney Infinity featuring Cars. The RS area would make a great explore hub. The only limitations from Disney Infinity is that there are no prize capsules or chests (you'll see why) and the events probably won't be there. CURRENTLY, IT'S UNKNOWN HOW IT WILL BE PORTED.

    Various races and missions are currently unknown if they'll be ported.

    The mod could use a sandbox mode like Disney Infinity.

    • You can create your own explore hubs like in Disney Infinity. The reason for no prize capsules or chests is that all items are unlocked.

    • Races from Toybox Speedway might be ported along with the races from Cars Playset.
    • If you want more races, you can now cre…

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  • TheWinnerGuyCJP

    Re-Post from The World of Cars Wikia.

    I am very disappointed that Cars 3: Driven to Win didn't have DLC, so if you know how to mod Cars 3: Driven to Win, try to put the Cars 2 Video Game models for characters in-game, characters that weren't modelled for the Avalanche Studio games will be ignored.

    Let's get to business.

    Not Modelled for Cars 2: The Video Game or Cars 3: Driven to Win (Might not be added)*

    Retextures (Separate characters since the game has no Skin Customization)**

    Cars 1 McQueen**

    Cars 2 McQueen

    RS Team McQueen**

    Radiator Springs McQueen**

    Crusin' McQueen

    Chester Whipplefilter**

    All Cars Toon McQueens that were in Cars 2: The Video Game

    Rust-eze Racing Center McQueen**

    Rust-eze/Cars 3 Beginning McQueen**

    Primer/Post-Crash McQueen**

    All Ca…

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  • Superbaddy4

    The Wikipedia page containing the information on unofficial Piston Cup Cars was recently wiped of it's info, so i'm going to start putting info on the cars right here. The list is not finished, so stay tuned!

    Dud is where every single stock car starts. Preferring to go by "Rasputin" instead of being called a "Dud", after being one of the first six cars fired, he, T.G. Castlenut, and Parker Brakeston founded what they call the "Stock Car Alliance", an underground network where fired stock cars together work to mess with races and battle next-gens with the hopes of getting their spots in the Cup back. Dud is often looked on due to often being smarter and more strategic than the others, and he also is the youngest stock car racer in Cars 3.


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  • Yoshiman716

    As you know, I'm currently working on my own version of the Hi-Octane mod. New features will include:

    -Old menu theme restored (unused remix of Radiator Springs Theme)

    -All blurred character textures de-blurred (I was planning to de-blur everything but it'd take WAY too long to do that)

    -Original exploration mode ambients restored

    -MN RS world replaced with the first game's RS world in exploration mode

    -Edited race .atys

    -Track selection re-ordered

    -Playable versions of the tourist cars, Frank and Tractor removed to reduce crashing

    -Character selection re-ordered

    -CPU lists shortened to reduce crashing

    -Song selection re-ordered

    -Remaining RoR songs added

    -Engine sounds added to most characters (thanks to NASCARrules33)

    -Voices added to some RoR charac…

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  • Infinikip

    Hi-Octane 2.0 Plans

    July 21, 2017 by Infinikip

    A while ago I brought up the idea of having a "finalized" version of the mod labeled the 2.0 version. Ideally, this version would feature all of the content we've planned since day one, with all of it working the best we can get it to. I like the idea of putting together a specific plan based on what can and can't be done, so that's what I've decided to do here.

    I've titled this page "2.0 plans", but that doesn't mean these ideas only apply to that one version. Everything here applies to the future of the Hi-Octane mod altogether, for versions before and after 2.0 (if we ever actually get that out). I've just titled it the way I did because the 2.0 version is really the ultimate end goal.

    First off, let's differentiate between what we can an…

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  • Theshocker1

    Here is a fan idea that I have called Cars: The Fabulous Racing Series (working title). It is inspired by the Cars: Hi-Octane Edition mod and Cars: IGNITE remake that User:Swartz27 was making, but it's unknown what happened to it. So, here is my own game idea. Don't take it seriously!

    After the events of Cars 3, McQueen has retired from racing at the Piston Cup, but not racing entirely. McQueen decides to create the "Fabulous Racing Series", where racers everywhere can compete. But then, a bunch of rookie racers and Jackson Storm decides to take on The Fabulous Lightning McQueen in his challenge. Race as over 100 characters on many tracks in Radiator Springs, Tailfin Pass, Ornament Valley, Radiator Springs Speedway, and more! Plus, customize …

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  • Jak8

    Let's just skip the "hello" and get to the point: things are falling apart here. I was gone for a while, and it seems that while I was gone, things started to get a little out of hand. It definitely wasn't due to me leaving, I don't have THAT much of an impact on anyone here (do I?). However, the worst thing is that Vladimir29 is leaving (apparently thanks to Collin Joe) and Paynecars is threatening (or simply complaining) about how Collin Joe made Vladimir29 leave. Maybe I'm wrong about all of this and none of this is happening, but it certainly seem to be like that. I'm just going to put this out there: I am NOT liking ANYTHING that is happening on this wikia, no matter WHAT it is. We need to get our heads straight if we hope to stay tog…

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  • Yoshiman716

    Notice how I've been acting less miserable lately? Well, it's because life's actually turning around for me! My mom's finally acting like herself again! Getting food in for me everyday, taking the dog for walks with my dad and also actually being NICE towards him and not starting arguments over some tiny mistake he made over and over. She's also keeping her promises, she has money saved to see Cars 3 on Tuesday and is actually keeping it and not spending it behind my back, and has also promised me that she'll buy me everything I used to have back in a few weeks. I still don't want to go into why she went through an angry phase for seven months though because it's WAY too personal.

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  • Yoshiman716

    I'm gonna return to modding one last time, but I don't want adding back to the current modders list until I'm 100% sure that I can keep modding and not end up quitting again a few days later.

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  • Theshocker1

    Here is the progress for Cars 2 Overdrive. My ideas page was a bust, so I made something more official. If I have forgotten something, comment below.

    Check out Teancum's ideas here:

    Character Game Progress Notes

    WGP McQueen

    Cars 2

    Finished! New textures will be released soon. (Playable in original game)

    Carbon Fiber McQueen

    Cars 2

    Needs HD textures. (Playable in original game)

    Radiator Lightning

    Cars 2

    Needs HD textures. (Playable in original game)

    Tow Mater

    Cars 2

    Needs HD textures. (Playable in original game)


    Cars 2

    Needs HD textures. (Playable in original game)

    Finn McMissile

    Cars 2

    Needs HD textures. (Playable in original game)

    Finn Union Jack

    Cars 2

    Needs HD textures. (Pl…

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  • Yoshiman716

    I'm done

    July 12, 2017 by Yoshiman716

    You know what it is? I'm done with this. I'm just as miserable as I was before, I just came back to modding because I didn't want to give it up, but I'm absolutely flipping done now, I can't take this anymore. I live in a crud house with parents who argue all the time, I use a slowly dying laptop, and I've lost everything I've ever worked for, every game I've ever owned plus the consoles, my school, my old house, and I might as well have already lost my mom given the way she is. I tried, I really really tried but I can't do anything with the way things are for me. And don't tell me that you're going through a bad time because none of you people understand what I've been going through for the last SEVEN MONTHS. A laptop going haywire or you…

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  • Theshocker1

    A lot of characters could be made using the bodies of Brick Yardley, Bobby Swift, Cam Spinner, and Rich Mixon. I also think we can use Chick Hicks to also make racers (by removing his grille, same like with Cars Hi-Octane). Here are some more possibilities:

    These links show piston cup racers

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  • Teancum

    I have modified my ideas to fit in as Xbox 360 DLC, as that's the platform I play the game on, and creating a DLC package will be much simpler for me if the other things get figured out. Therefore Overdrive is now the title I'll use for the 360 mod should I ever make it work. I'm calling it Overdrive and not Hi-Octane 2 because that sounds like it should be be a continuation of the original. Cars 2 is very different in terms of gameplay, so it makes sense to me for the mod to have a different name entirely.

    There are a number of things holding up progress at the moment, listed in order of severity below. Top issues must be resolved to have an effective mod, while lower ones are less important.

    • Cars 2 X360 uses .tstream textures, whereas Cars 3: Driven…

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  • Theshocker1

    Non-Cars Mod Ideas

    June 29, 2017 by Theshocker1


    There are a few Pixar games that I think can be moddable. I saw on YouTube the X-Box/PS3 versions of them and they were different from the PC version. Here are some of my ideas:

    Ratatouille Mod:

    The PC version and X-Box/PS3 versions have different gameplay, but were both made by Heavy Iron Studios. The elements from the X-Box version could be ported to PC if they are made from the same engine.

    There are a few possibilities for this.

    • 1. Other characters who were non-playable could be made to be playable (i.e. Celine was actually playable in two-player mode and could be used as playable in explore mode, Emile had the same type of moves Remy has in the tutorial and was playable in two-player mode in "Rat Race" mini-game,…
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  • Yoshiman716

    Why I Quit Modding

    June 25, 2017 by Yoshiman716

    This 'troubles actually been going on since January of this year, so quite a long while. From around that time, my mom started to act super irrational about anything and everything and started to take her anger out on me and my dad. She started forcing everyone to sleep in super late while going to bed super late, took me out of my school claiming it wasn't fit for me when there was nothing going wrong and then didn't find me another one, and worst of all wasn't even bothering to get food and drinks in for the family, my dad started having to CONVINCE her to get stuff in. Then the Wi-Fi bill came in which got it cut off which is when I started having to live off this dongle you've probably seen me talk about here and there which became a s…

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  • NASCARrules33

    I came up with a new mod Idea for Cars Mater National, that is to make a Cars 3 mod in Mater National. Now as of right now we aren't able to add in Cars 3 character models and voices but it might be posible later in the future to make accurate models and have it compatable with Mater National, we need a 3D model expert. But this is impossible as of right now, because of this I have to make new characters out of existing models

    Lighting McQueen          Needs Cars 3 Paintjobs (Is Playable in the original game)

    Cruz Ramirez                 Her model will be made of the Doc's Student 2 (Not Started yet)

    Mater                              Finished! (he is playable in the original game)

    Mater the Greater           Finished!

    Tokyo Mater              …

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  • Yoshiman716

    These characters could be available as DLC in the future. Alts will no longer have their own character slots but will now be available through a skin selector on the customisation screen (this will also apply to Mater the Greater who is already in the game)

    • Next-Gen Lightning
    • Gold Rust-eze Lightning
    • Lightning as Chester Whipplefilter
    • Classic Lightning
    • Team McQueen Mater
    • Materhosen
    • Tokyo Mater
    • Sports Coupe Cruz
    • Rust-eze Racer Cruz
    • Doc Hudson
    • Doc as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    • Classic Ramone
    • Flo
    • Sheriff
    • Sarge
    • Team McQueen Sarge
    • Fillmore
    • Team McQueen Fillmore
    • Luigi
    • Team McQueen Luigi
    • Team McQueen Guido
    • HTB Racer Chick
    • Cal Weathers
    • Danny Swervez
    • Chase Racelott
    • Sterling
    • Stock Demolition Derby Racer (no image available yet)

    • All tracks from Cars 2: The Video Game (with the e…

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  • Theshocker1

    Cars 2 Mod Ideas

    May 2, 2017 by Theshocker1

    While the project idea for this mod won't take place for a while (or at all), I decided to make a potential list of what to expect here. Respond if you have opinions.

    Cars Hi-Octane 2 (Unofficial title) GOALS:

    1. To have all characters unlocked by default.

    2. To fix potential bugs.

    3. To use textures and graphics from the X-Box 360 version of Cars 2 the videogame for all content.

    4. To include Cars 2 DLC characters that were exclusive to the X-Box 360/PS3 versions.

    5. To include content from Cars 3: Driven to Win (i.e. Characters, Races, Stunt Mode, Best Lap Challenge, Thomasville Playground, Master Level Events, Cup Series, Custom Cup, Customizations like horns, undercarriage lighting colors, turbo boost colors and styles, etc. as seen in said g…

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  • Jak8

    Hey guys! Jak8/Puffjak8/Jack/Vi here, and I have got some great news for myself! I have FINALLY gotten some actually legitimately good recording software for me to record Mater-National without bad quality, like a capture card! If you're wondering what exactly I'm using, it's called OBS. It's free and it can even make long enough videos alongside livestreams! I can't wait to start using this recording software!


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  • Jak8

    Hey everybody! It's me, Puffjak8/Jak8/Jack/Vi. I have got some good knews for whomever is subscribed to my YouTube channel (at this point I think two of you). I will finally be able to go back to uploading soon! I will try new angles with my 3DS camera and even try to record more than one video to upload at a time. I think that I will have a good time with my newer uploads but until then, I promise to keep updated a little. I plan on doing practice videos of me practicing for one of my first big Modded 100 % No Abilities (meaning no powerslide, tilt or boost) speedruns for the leaderboard (which I am the head of) as well as maybe showcases of paint jobs (I know I plan on showing off the new paint jobs from Cars 3!) Until then,…

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  • Jak8

    I Just Need Some Help

    March 21, 2017 by Jak8

    Hey guys. Jak8/Jack/Vi here! I know it's been another long while, time seems to love keeping me away from here but oh well, I just got to keep up with everything going on. So, I am looking for a few people to help me out here with something. I want to host a livestream, but unfortunately it does not seem like I can get the full version of Bandicam any sooner than maybe summer. I don't know. It all has to do with school and how it ends up. I think it will be alright, but for now, I just cannot have the livestream without a good capture device that can record longer than ten minutes in good quality. Me, TrackManiaMatt, and CAHoltz were all planning on being a part of this livestream, and this will still go on, it will just take a while. But …

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  • Yoshiman716

    This my blog that I'll never be using because I don't have a big enough following (at least not here), and that means no one will follow it.

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  • Jak8

    Hey guys, Jak8 here. I know this is a bit late, but it's a new year everybody! And so with that, I have made a few resolutions to do with this wikia and myself. First, I have decided to retire from paint job making for now, seeing as how the page got too clustered. However, someone has taken my place, being Kevin-BS23, and he is doing an amazing job from what I can gather and tell. So I will leave him in charge of the page. Next, glitches. As always, I will be doing my best to explain glitches on here, however if I find a glitch that I feel needs something more than just a small comment to explain, I'll make a video to help explain it. Not much else is needing explanation there, so I'll just move on. And finally, speedrunning. Yes, I do ne…

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  • Jak8

    I need some help here!

    December 30, 2016 by Jak8

    Hey guys! Jak8/Jack/Vi again. I think I'm going to need help. I've been trying to think about reasons as to why the Race-O-Rama alts of McQueen didn't have their wheels attached. I even recently started looking inside the files and texture directories to try and see if there is anything not connected or coded or something. And I think I may have found something. I looked inside the texture files of Off-Road McQueen, and I found something I thought didn't belong. I looked at the directories of the other Race-O-Rama alts and sure enough, it was in those directories as well. Then I looked at regular Lightning's directories and it WASN'T there! I think I may have found something important! But I need help to be sure. I am trying to get this in…

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  • Jak8

    Hey guys, Jak8 here, and I am super stoked! Why? Because we officially have a leaderboard for Cars: Mater-National Speedrunning, that's why! I'm super happy, we can finally officially start speedrunning Mater-National! Even if you're not interested, I would go check out the leaderboard for Mater-National at It would really help out. Now, I still haven't seen CAHoltz OR TrackManiaMatt, so if anybody could contact them to come to my message wall, I have a message for them waiting there (I don't want to have to go separately to both of their message walls just to tell each of them this, nor do I want to have to make someone else open up a message board on someone else's message wall just so we can specifically meet up and talk a…

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  • Jak8

    Hey guys! Jak8/Jack here. I have a quick, yet still requiring news update, regarding speedrunning Cars: Mater-National. I am currently requesting Cars: Mater-National to be able to be ran for a speedrun, but I just sent the request in, so it may take a while. But in the meantime, we could practice trying to get tricks down and how to optimally move, if anybody's interested in that besides me. However, I was hoping that I could get a new speedrun to be able to get a better chance of getting this requested accepted, if anybody's willing to help me out with that. But as I was thinking of speedrunning Cars: Mater-National, I thought of something: could CAHoltz and TrackManiaMatt come to my message wall to talk about what we could do for the li…

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  • Jak8

    Back to paint jobs.

    June 11, 2016 by Jak8

    Hello. Jak8/Puffjak8/Jack here! I have FINALLY gor almost a firm grip on how to make these paint jobs better and quicker, but I still need time. I will work on it as much as possible and when I'm available. I will also make sure to post updates on how I'm doing the paint jobs to see if I'm doing it right. If I'm doing one for you currently (at the time of this post, Ferrari27), then you can come over to the paint job requests page and see if I'm doing the paing job the way you want it to be. You can tell me what you want the colors to look like if it's not exactly as you see fit. With that said, I'll only give you one opportunity to tell me, I'll show you the updated colors, and I'll go from there, no stops, until I finish. Then it will be…

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  • Jak8

    I'm finally back!

    June 2, 2016 by Jak8

    Hey, I am back! I've been gone for a while, almost back in March! My goodness! But anyway, I will finally be able to not only play the mod again, but also do a lot of other things, like uploading YouTube videos to my channel as well as helping find and explain glitches found in the mod. Though as for paint job making, well... I may have to do it one at a time, but I could still do it, thank goodness. I'm at least glad to be back from three-month limbo. (NOTE: If at all possible, I would like to contact Vladimir29, Ferrari27, NASCARrules33, CAHoltz, and Robstar123456 if possible, all at the same time. Just use my message wall to talk with me. One of you will create the message, doesn't matter who (be sure to name it "Talk with Modders and U…

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  • Jak8

    Okay, I'm at a loss. Making paint jobs is harder that it seems. It takes a lot of precision and time and effort and, well... I don't have time or precision. I can't for the sake of all in this mod continue to make paint jobs. It just won't work out. Now, I have requested the help of Vladmir to create the paint jobs since he seems to already be making them. I will remain in charge of the paint job request page, but he would make the paint jobs that are on the list, message me when he's done with them, and I'll take them off of the list. But I can't make the paint jobs. If anyone else makes them, they would already be a million times better. But I will still be around to explain glitches and all that. But you may have noticed I was gone for …

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  • Jak8

    Hello. Jak8 again. I think it's about time I make another blog post (the only reason why I haven't been making blog posts is because nothing really interesting was happening), because I am now going to be a modder of Cars: Hi-Octane Edition alongside NASCARrules33 and Vladmir29. I will be doing textures, so if anybody wants to request a texture, then please tell me on either the Skin Requests page, the Forum, the Cars: Hi-Octane Mod main page, or here on this blog. Please don't post a request on any other page as I will not respond to it, even if it's a page I'm at almost all the time (like the Cars: Hi-Octane Mod Glitches page). Thank you. I'm so sorry, CatQuangAnh, that you quit because of getting run off, but I will try my best to be li…

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  • Jak8

    Hello. Jak8/Puffjak8/Jack here. Unfortunately, I've got more bad news. I'm afraid that I couldn't fix the last three videos with their camera views. I'm sorry, but those parts will not be posted, unfortunately, unless everybody really wants to see them anyway, which at the angle the camera is, I doubt you would (you can't see any of the screen). But, that's really it. I'm sorry that this blog post was short, I don't really have anything more to update on, since school for me doesn't start until tomorrow, August 24, 2015. So I'm out for now. EDIT: I'm afraid I can't post it. I'm sorry. I really wanted to do this, but it can't be done. I'm sorry.


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  • Jak8

    Some good news and bad news.

    August 21, 2015 by Jak8

    Hello. Jak8/Puffjak8/Jack here. I'm here with some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I managed to finish my (now semi-speed run, I guess) speed run, and my time was 2:23:52.71. Now, from an expert runner's stand point, that was a really, really, EXTREMELY bad time, and a lot of things went wrong throughout, but I'm okay with that time. But now the bad news. You see, I won't be able to upload any more gameplay videos of the Cars: Hi-Octane Edition mod for at least a while (maybe, if I'm extremely  lucky, then winter of this year) because I'm gonna be involved in quite a bit of outside activity, like school, Theater, Choir, and Boy Scouts. Does that mean I won't try to help out the wikia anymore? No. Absolutely not. I'm stil…

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  • Jak8

    Hello. Jak8/Jack/Puffjak8 here. And I've decided that I'm going to be doing a video series on youtube, commemorating the mod, all it's become, the modders, and most importantly, Teancum, who created the Cars: Hi-Octane Mod, but is also for Infinikip who is leaving for at least a little while. The video series is going to be a speed run of the Cars: Mater-National Story Mode on Expert difficulty, so if I seem like I'm trying to get through the story mode very quickly, that's why (a speed run is where you try to complete the story of a game in the fastest time possible by practicing the game, as well as learning how to do certain glitches and exploits to help you get through even faster than normal, which, unfortunately, Cars: Mater National…

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  • Jak8

    Hello. Jak8 again. I'm blogging now to tell you what I will post on the Talks as well as on my youtube channel. First off, my youtube channel will be all about showing off the mod as well as finding and showing glitches in the mod. Then for what I'll post, I'm a pretty serious guy, so if you're not humored by things that I say, that's normal. I'm also not going to ask for private information, but try to keep cool and just talk about things as they come. I will also try to take pictures of the game in order to show off glitches I've found in the game with the mod installed. Now, the thing I will be using to take these pictures and videos with is my Nintendo 3DS XL (not the new one), so if they're bad quality, then oh well, I don't have Band…

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  • Jak8

    Hello. This is my first blog on this wikia, and I am more than happy to be here. First off, I have the Cars: Hi-Octane Edition Mod installed on my computer, so I am ready to be of help finding glitches as well as showcasing/demonstrating the mod and the updates to come. I hope I will be of help.


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