Cars: Mater-National - PCS3 Edition is a work-in-progress mod created by me: Yoshiman716, for the PC version of Cars: Mater-National Championship.

The mod is also to be ported to MN X360 by Codename470 sometime after the PC mod's release.

About this mod

The general goal of the mod is to turn the PC version of the game into the PlayStation 3 version. Almost everything from MN PS3 is to be ported over to the PC version, aside from a few minor things that can't be ported or don't work correctly due to hard code errors within MN PC.

Download (PC)

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 will be released anytime from now to the 30th of September, 2018.

NOTE - The widescreen mod created by AuToMaNiAk005 is required for the game to look its best while playing the mod without the original HUD elements addable mod installed.

Download (Xbox 360)

The Xbox 360 version of the mod (dubbed XS3 Edition) will be released sometime after the PC version of the mod releases.

Addable Mods

Original HUD elements restored

This restores the original HUD elements of MN PC so the mod can be played in 4:3 without some of them looking thinner than they should or looking out of place (this isn't really that big of a deal since not many HUD elements were changed to fit the widescreen anyway, but I thought I might as well do this regardless). This will be released alongside v1.0.

All competing NPCs playable

This makes all of the non-playable characters who partake in the game's events playable (this means no Guido, Lizzie, Red, Frank, Tractor, or tourist cars). This will be released sometime after v1.0.

Time Trial mode restored

This restores the unused Time Trial mode. Self-explanatory, really. This will be released shortly after v1.0.

Additional Relay Races

This adds Relay Races for Fillmore's Nature Preserve, North Willy's Butte, Inside the Turkey, Rustbucket Grand Prix, The Upper Mine, and Canyon Run to the game. This will be released sometime after v1.0.

Known Bugs

To be added when the mod releases.


To be added.



Mater, Fred, and Tommy Joe on Rustbucket Race #1 + results screen (it's not really changed, though).


Lightning on the character selection screen.


Ramone, Flo, Lightning, Emma, and Fillmore at the starting line on Radiator Springs Circuit.


Mater, Judd, Cletus, and Lightning at the starting line on Rustbucket Race #4.


Ramone's Rhythmic Rumble.


Doc, Koji, Ramone, Fillmore, and Sarge on Stadium Race #2.


Lightning, Philip, Fred, Doc, and Barry lining up at the starting line on Radiator Springs Circuit.


Lightning, Mia, and SUV in Tailfin Pass exploration mode.


Monster McQueen and The Crippler on Waypoint Race #1.


Mike and Sulley on Tailfin Labyrinth (Mike & Sulley's Last Laugh minigame).


Luigi, Doc, Flo, and Otto at the starting line on The Upper Mine.


Lightning, Motorhome Notch, Mater, 70's Sedan, and Sedan in Ornament Valley exploration mode.


Sarge, Gudmund, Koji, Otto, and Fillmore on Rustbucket Grand Prix.


Giovanni and Luigi on Team Relay #4.