Cars and Cars: Mater-NationalEdit

Both games utilize RES containers in specific places. These are used for streaming data to the game. Anything that needs to load in a streaming fashion, such as a scene, has certain data held inside the .RES for streaming. Usually these are the materials (.XNM) as well as a file that contains textures and geometry (.SOI) and a .TOC file (usage unknown). These are used in conjunction with a .STR file, which tells the files inside the .RES when to load what textures.

Cars: The Video Game also utilizes an old version of _BR (XBR) to pack some files away. A unpack/pack script can be found at the previous link. These containers have an extract-only script for QuickBMS that can be found here.

Cars: Race-O-RamaEdit

This game uses _BR containers (PSR, XBR, etc). These containers are incompatible with older versions of the same name. Thus far there is a generic script that extract most files, but without their names nor folder structure.

Cars 2Edit

This game uses simple ZIP files. Nothing special needs to be done to open them.

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