Okay, I'm at a loss. Making paint jobs is harder that it seems. It takes a lot of precision and time and effort and, well... I don't have time or precision. I can't for the sake of all in this mod continue to make paint jobs. It just won't work out. Now, I have requested the help of Vladmir to create the paint jobs since he seems to already be making them. I will remain in charge of the paint job request page, but he would make the paint jobs that are on the list, message me when he's done with them, and I'll take them off of the list. But I can't make the paint jobs. If anyone else makes them, they would already be a million times better. But I will still be around to explain glitches and all that. But you may have noticed I was gone for a time. That's because I got too busy with school stuff to really focus on something like this. But I will return to being here daily, as summer is comong closer and closer.


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