Hey guys! Jak8/Jack/Vi again. I think I'm going to need help. I've been trying to think about reasons as to why the Race-O-Rama alts of McQueen didn't have their wheels attached. I even recently started looking inside the files and texture directories to try and see if there is anything not connected or coded or something. And I think I may have found something. I looked inside the texture files of Off-Road McQueen, and I found something I thought didn't belong. I looked at the directories of the other Race-O-Rama alts and sure enough, it was in those directories as well. Then I looked at regular Lightning's directories and it WASN'T there! I think I may have found something important! But I need help to be sure. I am trying to get this information out as much as possible, as I have posted a message on Vladimir29's wall as well as this blog and a post on the Cars: Hi-Octane Edition page. I really need some help here, if anyone is willing to help me out?