Hey guys, Jak8 here, and I am super stoked! Why? Because we officially have a leaderboard for Cars: Mater-National Speedrunning, that's why! I'm super happy, we can finally officially start speedrunning Mater-National! Even if you're not interested, I would go check out the leaderboard for Mater-National at It would really help out. Now, I still haven't seen CAHoltz OR TrackManiaMatt, so if anybody could contact them to come to my message wall, I have a message for them waiting there (I don't want to have to go separately to both of their message walls just to tell each of them this, nor do I want to have to make someone else open up a message board on someone else's message wall just so we can specifically meet up and talk about what we need to.) It would help out a LOT! Thank you.