Hey guys! Jak8/Jack here. I have a quick, yet still requiring news update, regarding speedrunning Cars: Mater-National. I am currently requesting Cars: Mater-National to be able to be ran for a speedrun, but I just sent the request in, so it may take a while. But in the meantime, we could practice trying to get tricks down and how to optimally move, if anybody's interested in that besides me. However, I was hoping that I could get a new speedrun to be able to get a better chance of getting this requested accepted, if anybody's willing to help me out with that. But as I was thinking of speedrunning Cars: Mater-National, I thought of something: could CAHoltz and TrackManiaMatt come to my message wall to talk about what we could do for the livestream? (In case you haven't figured it out yet...).