Hello. Jak8/Puffjak8/Jack here. I'm here with some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I managed to finish my (now semi-speed run, I guess) speed run, and my time was 2:23:52.71. Now, from an expert runner's stand point, that was a really, really, EXTREMELY bad time, and a lot of things went wrong throughout, but I'm okay with that time. But now the bad news. You see, I won't be able to upload any more gameplay videos of the Cars: Hi-Octane Edition mod for at least a while (maybe, if I'm extremely  lucky, then winter of this year) because I'm gonna be involved in quite a bit of outside activity, like school, Theater, Choir, and Boy Scouts. Does that mean I won't try to help out the wikia anymore? No. Absolutely not. I'm still going to be helping this wikia out, like with explaining glitches as best as I can, but for now, that's really all I will be able to do. That's why I wanted to record the speed run today, Friday, August 21, 2015. I'll more than likely keep uploading to my youtube channel, but it will mainly be stuff like Cars 2 speed runs or IL (or Individual Level) runs, or maybe speed runs of other games, or even some Smash Bros. Videos for updates. But for now, I'll be outside of Cars: Hi-Octane Edition for a while. EDIT: Oh my gosh. I just looked at the video files, and on the last three, the camera angle was really bad, somehow. I don't know how it got to being like that, but I'm going to try my best to fix it, and if I can't, then, oh well. You're going to have to predict where I am.


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