Hello. Jak8 again. I'm blogging now to tell you what I will post on the Talks as well as on my youtube channel. First off, my youtube channel will be all about showing off the mod as well as finding and showing glitches in the mod. Then for what I'll post, I'm a pretty serious guy, so if you're not humored by things that I say, that's normal. I'm also not going to ask for private information, but try to keep cool and just talk about things as they come. I will also try to take pictures of the game in order to show off glitches I've found in the game with the mod installed. Now, the thing I will be using to take these pictures and videos with is my Nintendo 3DS XL (not the new one), so if they're bad quality, then oh well, I don't have Bandicam, nor will I be able to get it. But that's what I'm planning on doing as far as posts go. As for just youtube, well, I plan on being at least a junior speed runner in this game as well as Cars 2 (Wii), Cars: Race-O-Rama (Wii), and even other, non-Cars products (for example, Pikmin 3, Club Penguin: Game Day!, and more), but especially Cars 2. You're going to see so many speed runs of that game because I'm very good at it, and I'm very utilized in it as well, which, you basically have to be in order to be able to get better at Cars 2.


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