• NASCARrules33

    I came up with a new mod Idea for Cars Mater National, that is to make a Cars 3 mod in Mater National. Now as of right now we aren't able to add in Cars 3 character models and voices but it might be posible later in the future to make accurate models and have it compatable with Mater National, we need a 3D model expert. But this is impossible as of right now, because of this I have to make new characters out of existing models

    Lighting McQueen          Needs Cars 3 Paintjobs (Is Playable in the original game)

    Cruz Ramirez                 Her model will be made of the Doc's Student 2 (Not Started yet)

    Mater                              Finished! (he is playable in the original game)

    Mater the Greater           Finished!

    Tokyo Mater              …

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