• Teancum

    I have modified my ideas to fit in as Xbox 360 DLC, as that's the platform I play the game on, and creating a DLC package will be much simpler for me if the other things get figured out. Therefore Overdrive is now the title I'll use for the 360 mod should I ever make it work. I'm calling it Overdrive and not Hi-Octane 2 because that sounds like it should be be a continuation of the original. Cars 2 is very different in terms of gameplay, so it makes sense to me for the mod to have a different name entirely.

    There are a number of things holding up progress at the moment, listed in order of severity below. Top issues must be resolved to have an effective mod, while lower ones are less important.

    • Cars 2 X360 uses .tstream textures, whereas Cars 3: Driven…

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