aka Yoshi

  • I live in Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Yoshiman716

    This is getting really depressing. I don't want anyone to leave. Why can't we all just get on? I came here to get away from arguing, but it's getting just as bad if not worse.

    Paynecars - Superbaddy4 did NOT mean anything by his latest meme. It's just a joke, he's not trying to hurt you in any way. And I was a fangirl swooning over him in it, and I'm not acting like this. Also, YOU'RE NOT A BAD GUY. YOU DON'T HAVE TO QUIT. WE DON'T WANT YOU TO LEAVE.

    TheWinnerGuyCJP - You haven't caused anything, it's our fault for arguing over trivial things. You only tried to help. Please don't quit.

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  • Yoshiman716

    As you know, I'm currently working on my own version of the Hi-Octane mod. New features will include:

    -Old menu theme restored (unused remix of Radiator Springs Theme)

    -All blurred character textures de-blurred (I was planning to de-blur everything but it'd take WAY too long to do that)

    -Original exploration mode ambients restored

    -MN RS world replaced with the first game's RS world in exploration mode

    -Edited race .atys

    -Track selection re-ordered

    -Playable versions of the tourist cars, Frank and Tractor removed to reduce crashing

    -Character selection re-ordered

    -CPU lists shortened to reduce crashing

    -Song selection re-ordered

    -Remaining RoR songs added

    -Engine sounds added to most characters (thanks to NASCARrules33)

    -Voices added to some RoR charac…

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  • Yoshiman716

    Notice how I've been acting less miserable lately? Well, it's because life's actually turning around for me! My mom's finally acting like herself again! Getting food in for me everyday, taking the dog for walks with my dad and also actually being NICE towards him and not starting arguments over some tiny mistake he made over and over. She's also keeping her promises, she has money saved to see Cars 3 on Tuesday and is actually keeping it and not spending it behind my back, and has also promised me that she'll buy me everything I used to have back in a few weeks. I still don't want to go into why she went through an angry phase for seven months though because it's WAY too personal.

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  • Yoshiman716

    I'm gonna return to modding one last time, but I don't want adding back to the current modders list until I'm 100% sure that I can keep modding and not end up quitting again a few days later.

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  • Yoshiman716

    I'm done

    July 12, 2017 by Yoshiman716

    You know what it is? I'm done with this. I'm just as miserable as I was before, I just came back to modding because I didn't want to give it up, but I'm absolutely flipping done now, I can't take this anymore. I live in a crud house with parents who argue all the time, I use a slowly dying laptop, and I've lost everything I've ever worked for, every game I've ever owned plus the consoles, my school, my old house, and I might as well have already lost my mom given the way she is. I tried, I really really tried but I can't do anything with the way things are for me. And don't tell me that you're going through a bad time because none of you people understand what I've been going through for the last SEVEN MONTHS. A laptop going haywire or you…

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